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structure to carry on after the present war has
collapsed or otherwise ended.
Following upon this campaign for the con-
clusive interment of the played-out party system,
there comes the necessity for a much more
strenuous search for administrative and technical
ability throughout the country. We do not want
to miss a single youngster who can be of use in
the great business of making over Great Britain,
which has been so rudely, clumsily and wastefully
socialised by our war perturbations, so that it
may become a permanently efficient system,
And from the base of the educational pyramid
up to its apex of higher education for teachers,
heads of departments and research, there is need
for such a quickening of minds and methods as
only a more or less organised movement of sanely
critical men can bring about. We want ministers
now of the highest quality in every department,
but in no department of public life is a man
of creative understanding, bold initiative and
administrative power so necessary as in the
Education Ministry.
So tranquil and unobtrusive has been the flow
of educational affairs in the British Empire
that it seems almost scandalous, and it is certainly
** vulgar ", to suggest that we need an educa-
tional Ginger Group to discover and support